Being over prepared

12 February 2019

Here at the Fitness Battalion I get people inquiring all the time about training to prepare for a career in policing. They ask about details of the programs we offer, pricing, what’s involved etc, which are pretty reasonable things to ask. But I am always shocked by the expectation people have around the effort required. I have actually had people ask what is the shortest, cheapest and easiest way to meet the bare minimum requirements. I find it unfortunate that we as a society have grown so dependent on the convenience of technology that it’s bleeding into all aspects of our lives, and we seek to put minimal effort into everything we do.

In training young men and women, the one thing I have noticed is consistently present in those who succeed is the mindset of being prepared. That is to say, being over prepared.

You cannot train too hard for a job that could kill you

The most successful individuals never put in minimal effort. They train constantly, they utilize the vast assortment of resources we offer and they don’t look for easy and comforting answers. Of the many members who are working through the police hiring process, you can always tell who really wants it. They are the ones who try out for tactical selection, regularly participate in Special Ops, and do the WOD’s several times per week. We offer these elements for free in terms of dollars, but they are expensive in effort. They cost hours, hard work, dedication, patience, discipline, consistency and discomfort both mental and physical. This is the recipe for success.

Put yourself in the position of a recruitment officer for a police force. Would you hire the applicant who has consistently put in the base amount of effort? Always scores the minimum requirement and just meets expectations every time? Or do you want the applicant that works hard, exceeds expectations and puts in such an effort that you wonder why the standard was set so low in the first place. Those are the individuals I seek to train and work with. I want to train and assist the individuals who are never satisfied with good enough. I routinely say that warriors always choose the toughest schools in which to train, and that is because in the toughest schools will you experience the most growth. In the toughest schools you will be guided the furthest from your comfort zone. In the toughest schools you will find the very best version of yourself. But in a world where convenience is more accessible than ever, we have allowed expectations of quality to falter. Even if a career in policing is not for you, why wouldn’t you want to train in a way modeled after the best?

And so I ask you. If you were in a life or death situation, would you allow for inferior quality in the training of the professionals coming to save you?

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Posted on 12 February 2019 by Chaz

Well SAID Flav!


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