A Warrior’s mindset

13 March 2019

Conventional approaches to everything were something I could never wrap my head around. Growing up I was often bored with the typical activities that were pre-packaged for mass youth consumption. I was always drawn to doing things that were considered “too advanced” or “not possible.” Those kinds of activities were where I wanted to be. Things that were challenging and difficult offered opportunities for personal growth that back then I couldn’t consciously understand.

Later as I got into Body building and the fitness world I felt the conventional approaches pursued by all my peers, were inadequate. Something about it just seemed not challenging enough and I wanted more. I yearned for the opportunity to serve something greater. At the time I never thought I’d get the chance to explore what about all this appealed to me but I have come to find these answers in practising Tactical Fitness and immersing myself in the energy of the warrior society.  These are some of the characteristics of a warrior’s mindset.

Service to others

Warriors recognize the value that exists in giving to others. Like the opposing sides of an infinity loop, the greater one side is, the greater both sides. Service to others is a driving force for becoming stronger, faster, harder, better. Giving to something greater than yourself allows you to call upon and receive from something greater. That in turn makes you stronger and able to serve more, which gives you more to call upon and so does the loop grow.


“Warriors always choose the toughest schools in which to train.”

A quote I once heard a very wise man say and it always stuck with me. Being of service includes service to yourself, and that means constantly growing. There is no such thing as good enough, just as there is no such thing as perfect. There is only “better/faster/stronger/harder than yesterday.”


Modesty is fostered by constantly seeking to learn and in so doing, you focus on your own improvement. Egotistical behaviour manifests when one cannot see an opportunity for growth. This does a disservice to themselves and to others. Recognizing yourself as part of something greater means holding the reverence of never compromising its integrity. This also means that warriors know when to follow. In their modesty, warriors know that they cannot do everything and the scope of their service may not always include leading. Many people think leading means to hold a position of authority, but in fact to lead is to serve. To lead means to be in service to your followers, not in authority over them.



Just as a pendulum must swing an equal distance to the left as it does the right, one cannot build strength without compassion. The strongest in our society are those with the greatest capacity for kindness. This is not to be confused with those who seek to turn the other cheek in a fearful attempt to avoid conflict. Warriors equally develop fortitude with benevolence and, consequently, develop discernment.

Force never violence

On a physical level, these two concepts are the same. But they energetically originate in difference places. Violence seeks to impose itself on others for a selfish benefit. Taking from or harming others unjustly is violence. But force is the application of a physical process that counters violence. Force is used for the protection of self and others and can be brutal, even lethal. But it is never unjust, dishonourable or cruel.


“So & so made me do it” is a statement a warrior will never make. Warriors will accept the consequences of their actions. Even if those actions manifest an undesirable outcome, it is still an opportunity for growth. Warriors will always accept the consequences of their words and actions. In doing so, they learn how not to act and speak in a way that dishonours them and others.

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Posted on 03 April 2019 by Chazgi

Well said Flav!💪


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