The Power of “why”

16 April 2019

Why do healers heal?   Why do Warriors fight?

Why do you train?

If one were to walk through a typical gym and ask random people that question, some common answers would be “to get strong, fit, lose weight” etc. None of these answers are wrong, but they do reflect the values of the person. As individuals, we are each a composite average of our experiences and socialization. We go through life integrating our experiences and forming our value system based on them. From there, some of us determine that there is a need in our lives to train. Everyone wants to look like someone on instagram, but those who will have the greatest success are those with the strongest why.

What is a why?

Your why is the reason you started and the reason you continue to train. For some it’s to lose weight, others to be healthy and for others it’s to be strong.  Some people align their why with something greater than themselves. Those are the people whose why pertains to others. Their why is to be capable of service, which could include being healthy and strong. Here we can observe a difference in the depth of the why. Some may say their why is to be strong, but why be strong? If being strong is to be in service, then why be of service? This can literally go on to infinity as the question can continue to dig deeper and deeper. Here lies the true reflection of the individual, and thus the strength of their why. The deeper and stronger the why, the stronger the discipline. The deeper and stronger the why, the more stubborn the refusal to quit. The deeper and stronger the why, the greater the source of energy that individual has to call upon.

For something greater

This is why warriors always choose the toughest schools in which to train. Because in those schools is the greatest discomfort, leading to the greatest growth, leading to the most complete fulfillment of the why. A strong why requires a hard school with tough training to be satisfied. I have met some awe inspiring warriors in my time. Men and women whose will could grind mountains into sand. They have all had different motivations, but they all sought to contribute to something greater than themselves. To them, failure was not something that they alone would suffer. For them, failure would impact others, sometimes severely, and they would never allow that. They would never allow their shortcomings to result in hardship to another. They would train, fight, work and press forward with a relentless passion that is a testament to the capabilities of all humankind. I myself am honoured and humbled to have had even the briefest opportunity to learn from these truly gifted individuals.


What is your why?

This is something we all should reflect on in a way that is honest and forthright. Ask yourself why do you train? When you have an answer, ask why that answer? When you have that answer ask why that answer? etc. Ask yourself who do you seek to serve? Who depends on you? Who would be impacted if you were to fail?

Does your training reflect your why?


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1 Comment

Posted on 16 April 2019 by Big V

Why? To be better than i was yesterday… ad infinitum! Ive found my new nest where i can accomplish this. Its only when one steps out of their comfort zone, will one realize theres so much room to improve and become better. Thank you Fitness Battalion for helping me to see the broader picture beyond what i was used to! 3 months in and ive already accomplished more than i thought i could at this stage of my life!


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