Power Lifting Training

Strength And Conditioning Training
This class is meant to teach all the essential skills and techniques required for proper power lifting, developing muscle density and strength while reducing or eliminating injuries and risk to joints. Here we cover the Level 2 portion of the workout of the day (WOD) and focus on different functional areas each day. The class begins with a strength portion utilizing one of the following areas each day:
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Overhead press
  • Bench press
  • Bent over rows/cleans
Strength training typically employs low reps with high weights, often seeking to establish rep max’s with occasional deload weeks. Percentages of various max’s are also utilized to provide adequate muscle confusion without overdoing it. With the strength portion of the class complete, stamina training is the next component to this class. When training stamina, we use higher reps with lower weights focusing on the same area as the strength lift for that day. A class where deadlift was strengthened for example, would see all related muscles group developed by related motions in stamina training. All signature power lifting exercises are taught to help participants reach a new benchmark in strength. Learn the correct forms and techniques, increase strength and muscle tone, eliminate injury and learn body building fundamentals. Some benefits include:
  • Improve raw lifting power
  • Build higher rep maxes
  • Develop technique on signature lifts (Presses, Deadlifts, Squats)
  • Build Stamina (Strength combined with endurance)
  • Develop trunk strength (advanced core strength)
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6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
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