Tactical Fitness Workout Program

Tactical Fitness Workout Program
This is the only one of our classes not suitable for beginners. Although open to everyone, the curriculum covers workouts that reflect the fitness needs of Law Enforcement, Firefighter and Military athletes. People wishing to participate must first pass a fitness test to ensure they are able to keep up with the group. This class also covers rucking based events with team weights and team based tasks. Periodically, it will open to people who are signed up for double digit hour long GORUCK events, even if they have not passed the selection process.

The test is comprised of the “Operator Ugly” and the standards are as follows:

Tactical Fitness class Selection Standards

“Operator Ugly”

  1. Max rep bench press (185/95) FULL range of motion, meaning elbows totally locked out in the up position, bar touching the chest in the down position. Ass MUST maintain contact with the bench at all times. Rest can only occur in up position. Once bar is re-racked, set is over. Each rep will be a point
  2. Max rep Front squat (185/95) Again, FULL range of motion. Knees must be locked out in up position, and ass must drop below parallel. Rest must only occur in the up position. Once the bar is re-racked, the set is over. Either olympic or body builder style racking is acceptable. Each rep will be a point.
  3. Max rep deadlift in 60 seconds (225/135) Chalk is allowed, straps are not. Full range of motion must be achieved for a rep to count. There can be no bouncing of the weight, meaning when going down, the bar must come to a complete rest before the next rep begins. Each rep will be a point.
  4. Max rep pull up Full range of motion applies. You MUST lock the elbow out in the bottom position and you must get your chin over the bar. Kipping is allowed. Resting can only occur in the bottom position. Once you fall off the bar the set is over. Each rep will be a point.
  5. Max rep 20m sprint 4 rounds of a 48 seconds of work/48 seconds of rest combination. When working, you must run 20m as many times as you can in the 48 seconds. Each COMPLETE length will be a point.
  6. 10 min AMRAP Sandbag(80/60) getup Lying on the ground with a sandbag on your shoulder, you must then get to your feet. Any method is acceptable as long as the sandbag never leaves your shoulder. The number of reps you get will be divided in half and that will be the number of points.
Points will be added up and a total of 85 is required to be selected. Contact us now for a FREE consultation.


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