By Jay T. on March 22,2019

I suffered an injury at work and gained 27+ pounds from not being able to work out and not caring about my diet anymore. I would get winded just walking up stairs and needed to make a change. I found fitness battalion where Flavio gave me a free trial. My confidence was shot and I felt like a bag of crap. I found the motivation/drive to go harder than anything else. He helped me get my never give up/one rep at a time mentality back. I freaking lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks!!!!! I'm getting stronger, leaner, faster, and haven't felt like this in months. I love that I can work out on my own anytime and that the classes are offered that are a blast to attend. You work out with like minded people who function as a unit that will not give up on you. This isn't just any gym, when you see the results you want to go back over and over again. Only thing I wish is that there was a family rate. Other than that this place is worth every penny.

By Richard Lewis on February 04,2019

So for me, I'm in the best shape of my life. Flav makes fitness practical to your life choices. Everything we do here makes you mentally and physically strong. You will overcome your fitness barriers

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1110 Kamato Road, Unit 7,
Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2P3

5:00 pm | Tactical Fitness
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Condtioning

12:00 pm | Obstacle Course
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
8:00 pm | Obstacle Course

12:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Obstacle Course
8:00 pm | Tactical Fitness

12:00 pm | Functional Fitness
5:00 pm | Flex class time

6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning

10:00 am | Flex class time
11:00 am | Special Ops – SEALFIT
2:00 pm | Olympic lifting

1110 Kamato Rd #7 Mississauga, ON L4W 2P3
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