Mental Toughness Training

Every Kind of Strong is not limited to just the physical body’s capabilities, it includes all our body’s vast capabilities. Your mind is the best weapon and tool you possess and honing it to work for you is important. For that reason, concepts of mental toughness and an understanding of energy is important to reach our peak performance. There’s an old saying “the mind is a fine servant but a lousy master.” As such, ensuring that the mind is kept in its place as a good servant is paramount to mental toughness. At the Fitness Battalion, we hold periodic talks and seminars on this concept to outline a theoretical framework for implementing this into our lives. However, theory on its own is useless without practical application. It is for that reason that the very concepts discussed are used as a tool of the workouts in order to integrate the mind’s capabilities with the body’s performance. Concepts introduced include:

  • Effective goal setting
  • Panic/arousal control
  • Establishing a warrior’s mindset
  • Developing solid focus
  • Emotional resilience
  • And much more!

Energy and Chi work

Nearly every warrior society in history was inherently spiritual in their training. From the Spartans of ancient Greece, to the Samurai of feudal Japan to the Knights Templar of medieval Europe the path of a true warrior has been far deeper than simply the brutality of intense physical training. Understanding Chi and having a foundation in energy allowed these warriors to tap into the intangible self and discover their purpose which then translated to success in battle.      

Life Activation - Awaken Your Potential

Strength Conditioning Training It’s your life and you should live it to the fullest potential on all levels: mind, body and spirit. The life activation is an ancient tool that has the capacity to bring about healing and empowerment while it lights up your aura, heightens your intuition and transforms your entire being. Practical benefits of this modality include:
  • Additional energy to your physical body
  • Clearing out of negative thoughts and emotional patterns
  • Turbo charges your connection to your higher self and spirit guides
  • Increase in your intuition and spiritual gifts
  • Shift in your consciousness to make positive changes in your life
  • And so much more!

Empower thyself - The first step on the path of Advanced Spiritual training

Mental Toughness Training This two-day intensive program shares true mystery school teachings on how energy works and flows in your life, how to better manage it and how to manifest what you desire. As taught by Flavio, a certified Modern Mystery School guide, the Empower Thyself program follows the tradition of “handing down” sacred teachings, tools and rituals from teacher to student in an ancient, unbroken lineage. Benefits of the Empower Thyself program and initiation:
  • Reclaim your true power, take control of your life
  • Learn and study in the same system master have trained in for over 3,000 years
  • Receive exclusive tools and teachings reserved for Mystery School initiates
  • Gain 10 times more light energy to empower your life’s work
  • Greater access to the earthly and celestial energies
  • Learn how to work with angels, grow your chi and protect your energy field
  • ….and much, much more!


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