Police Physical Fitness Training Program

Law Enforcement Athlete

police physical fitness training
This program focuses on the functional areas needed for the performance of a law enforcement profession. Core, lower body explosive power and upper body pushing/pulling are all developed. Integration of these elements is also used to ensure the entire body works as a unified system. The program includes periodic assessments with the training tailored to the results of each assessment. The program is 3 weeks long with a 4 day/week training schedule. Participants begin with an assessment taking place 3 days prior to the start of the program to determine their fitness levels. The execution of the program varies between individuals depending on the outcome of this assessment.The assessment includes:
  • Front squats
  • Bench press
  • Pull ups
  • Weighted sprint
  • Box Jumps

Beep test

Beep test training
The goal here is simply to improve your beep test score. Candidates seeking to become police officers in Ontario know that they’re beep test will be tested. The program is aimed at increasing lung capacity, improving sprints, while improving mental acuity and lactic acid tolerance. Training for this program lasts 3 weeks with training occurring 5 times per week. The program begins with a running of the beep test in order to determine a participant’s capabilities. Once assessed, timed interval sprints are utilized throughout the program with the time targets determined by the individual assessment of each participant. Each week the participants are re-evaluated and targets adjusted. Participants also receive training to strengthen the posterior chain as it applies to short range sprint capability. Mobility training is also part of the program and these elements combine to help the participants make longer, more efficient strides when sprinting. The point is to simultaneously develop your ability to do the beep test for a long period, hence achieving a good score, while covering each 20m stretch with as few steps as possible. *Note: Participants in either program also receive 24 hour access to the facility for the duration of the program. Contact us for a consultation


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