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Flavio has been active all of his life playing soccer and running cross country at a young age. Later he become interested in body building and in a short period learned how to surpass his peers through dedication to high standards. Since that time, training has been a way of life for him and he has branched off to discover other elements of fitness, including calisthenics, stretching, yoga, running and crossfit. That curiosity led him to military applications of fitness, particularly the selection courses of Special Forces units. Flav went on to receive training and instruction from both retired and active duty US Navy SEALs at the SEALFIT academy in Encinitas, California and the Extreme SEAL Experience in Chesapeake, Virginia. His belief has always been that mental fitness is complimentary but unique from physical fitness and requires its own unique understanding and execution. He holds several fitness qualifications including a Certification in Fitness Training and Fitness Nutrition from the ISSA and others. Flavio is also a Magus Hermiticus and Guide within the spiritual lineage of King Solomon the wise. Flavio came to disapprove of some of the general practises in the fitness industry and sought to bring a fresh approach. An approach that would include all elements of an individual and enrich them on an intangible level as well as a physical one. Based on the training philosophy of elite military units, the concept was to utilize the best elements of all fitness models into its own training model. From this, the concept of EVERY KIND OF STRONG was created. That’s why mental toughness, chi energy work and constant guidance are deeply integrated into our approach so that constant growth is fostered.  
Fitness Battalion

GORUCK Partnership

We’re very proud to be a training partner with GORUCK, a company founded and run by members of the US special operations community. They make some of the best gear and apparel around and conduct some of the most educational and challenging events. At the Fitness Battalion, members can enjoy a discount on gear and events as well as guidance and preparation for their challenges. Check them out at: www.GORUCK.com


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1110 Kamato Road, Unit 7,
Mississauga, Onatrio, L4W 2P3

5:00 pm | Tactical Fitness
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Condtioning

12:00 pm | Obstacle Course
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
8:00 pm | Obstacle Course

12:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Obstacle Course
8:00 pm | Tactical Fitness

12:00 pm | Functional Fitness
5:00 pm | Tactical Fitness
6:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
7:00 pm | Olympic Lifting

6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning

10:00 am | Obstacle Course
11:00 am | Special Ops

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