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Teams and corporate training

team fitness training

While teams are by definition, comprised of members who are each subject matter experts, teamwork itself is its own skillset. This particular skillset can often be elusive in how to properly approach and develop.

Our team and corporate training is a resultsbased training scenario intended to get the members of any team to gel together and put their unique capabilities together for a greater purpose. Since no two teams are the same, no two training scenarios are the same and we tailor the experience accordingly.

This is more than just a seminar in a class room setting. It is a hands on experience that focuses on basic concepts that need to be executed rather than theoretically understood, often within high stress situations and the possibility of looming consequences.

Your team will learn:

  • Pushing through personal resistance
  • Trust in each other
  • Collective performance
  • Understanding individual contributions to the collective
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Stress management
  • Allocation of collective talent
Group fitness training

Participants are pushed outside of their comfort zone and then pushed to perform tasks that individuals are incapable of. Constant observation of progress and rotation of individuals causes these skills to be re-enforced and developed.

This training is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and can be applied to any sort of team:

  • Sports teams
  • Work teams
  • Action teams
  • Executive teams
  • Advisory teams

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5:00 pm | Tactical Fitness
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Condtioning

12:00 pm | Obstacle Course
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
8:00 pm | Obstacle Course

12:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Obstacle Course
8:00 pm | Tactical Fitness

12:00 pm | Functional Fitness
5:00 pm | Tactical Fitness
6:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning
7:00 pm | Olympic Lifting

6:00 pm | Functional Fitness
7:00 pm | Strength & Conditioning

10:00 am | Obstacle Course
11:00 am | Special Ops

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